The branch meets every second Monday of the month at The Army Reserve Centre on Wakefield Road Barnsley.  We meet at 1930 hrs and have been at this venue since the sale of Eastgate  Drill Hall which was the former home of the York and Lancaster Regiment in Barnsley.  The property is now The Barnsley Chronicle offices.

We normally expect between ten and twelve members to attending as we are the only active branch of the association.  We inherited some members from Sheffield and Rotherham and we also have members who have served with The Dukes, the PWO and more recently a former Sub-Mariner!

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Part of the YORKS Regimental Family

Following the Second World War, the regiment saw service around the world, including participation in the Suez Crisis of 1956.  With the reorganisation of the Army in 1968, the York and Lancaster Regiment was one of two infantry regiments that chose to be disbanded rather than amalgamated with another regiment.  However, although the 1st Battalion was disbanded in 1968, with the Regimental HQ closing in 1987, the traditions of the regiment were continued through the descendents of the Hallamshire Battalion, which was constituted as two companies in The Yorkshire Volunteers.  This was reduced to a single company in 1992 and then a platoon in 1999, when The East and West Riding Regiment (E and WRR) was formed.  Between 1999 and 2006 the platoon was known within E and WRR as 'The Hallamshire Platoon'.

On 6 June 2006, the platoon took its rightful place in the ORBAT of the newly formed 4th Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, thus ensuring a continued and direct link, via the Army Reserve (formerly Territorial Army), with The York and Lancaster Regiment.  Recognition of this link was further reinforced by a recent decision by the Yorkshire Regiment Association (YRA) to recognise all former members of The York and Lancaster Regiment be members of the YRA