The Yorkshire Regiment
Charitable Trust

The Yorkshire Regiment Benevolent Fund was set up in 2006 and succeeded its predecessors in the antecedent regiments.  The Fund is designed to give assistance to former members of the Regiment and/or their dependants, considered to be in need.

Regimental Fund-Raising

The regimental point of contact for all charity donations, fundraising efforts and donations is Siobhan Humphries at RHQ in York.

Tel: 01904 461023    mailto:


All benevolence cases will be administered by the Yorkshire Regiment Benevolence Case Committee (BCC).  This will consist of the following personnel from RHQ:

The Regimental Finance Officer

The Benevolence Administration Clerk

The Regimental Secretary – as the Trustees’ representative within RHQ, for complex cases, on occasion where this involves questions of eligibility or unusual need.

The Assistant Regimental Secretary

Normally, before any benevolence case is considered it must be supported by a report from either SSAFA or the Royal British Legion (RBL).  This report provides an independent assessment of the circumstances and need.  The SSAFA Handbook, published annually, provides the guidance for all SSAFA and RBL case workers and offices on where to direct applications for benevolence assistance.  Any cases of need that are passed directly to RHQ from any other source will be referred to SSAFA or the RBL for the applicant to be visited and a report made.  The BCC will then meet and act in accordance with the guidelines laid down in The ABF Guidelines.  For the sake of efficiency the BCC will meet as and when required.

Eligibility and Criteria

The ABF Guidelines will be used as the basis for determining all eligibility and need criteria.

Exceptional Circumstances

There may be circumstances when to seek a report from SSAFA or the RBL would be inappropriate, for example a Casualty Visiting Officer may need to make an urgent grant in support of a casualty or family and to impose the process of a report would be unnecessarily insensitive or intrusive.  Any such grants, without a report, should only be made with the approval of the Regimental Secretary on behalf of the Trustees.


Once cases have been approved, all payments of grants will be made by the Assistant Regimental Secretary (Resources).

RHQ Benevolence Case Committee

The RHQ Benevolence Case Committee (BCC) manages requests for assistance which come via the ABF, SSAFA and other welfare organisations.  £102,000 was ring-fenced for benevolence in 2013/14, of which £85k has been granted to 251 cases.  In future years, the loss of a battalion’s worth of the One Day’s Pay Scheme (ODPS) will inevitably have an impact on the benevolence income and we might also anticipate an increasing number of cases from those leaving the Regiment on early retirement and redundancy, and all in a difficult financial climate.  However, we can all be confident that our benevolence is making a real difference to members of the regimental family, old and new.