One Day's Pay Scheme

Every serving Regular Officer, Warrant Officer, NCO and soldier of the Regiment is expected to make a contribution equating to 120% of a day’s pay per annum for the period of his service.  Contributions are collected under a Payroll Giving system in 12 monthly instalments.  Payroll Giving is a government-backed initiative designed to assist charities in England and Wales and is deemed to be more efficient that the Gift Aid scheme. 

This is an important source of income, indeed other than returns from investments, one of the only sources of income for the Regiment and it allows the Trustees to provide appropriate financial assistance more readily. The Regiment currently receives the majority of its income from ODPS.  This is divided equally between the Benevolent Trust (YRBT) and the Charitable Trust (YRCT), with that portion allocated to the YRBT being used to support past and present members of the Regiment when they fall on times of need, in the form of direct grants paid from RHQ.

The element that is received into the Charitable Trust is used to return grants to the Battalions to fund sports and adventure training, to nurture and recruit the best soldiers and officers, improve our profile and to market the Regiment.  It provides funding for the Journal and to improve the efficiency of the Regiment.

Welfare Assistance

Members of the Regimental Association and their families, either serving or retired, who fall on hard times may be given assistance, either financial or in many other respects, through the service charities such as The Royal British Legion, SSAFA, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity and , of course, the Regimental Benevolent Trust.  To access these agencies it is best to contact a local SSAFA or British Legion representative, who can be found in most towns, with British Legion County Offices in the main cities of each county. Details can be found on the Web or in telephone directories.

The Yorkshire Regiment Association (YRA)


  • To promote the efficiency of the Regiment by fostering esprit de corps, comradeship and the welfare of the Regiment and establishing and preserving its traditions.

The first meeting of the YRA Working Group at Worsley Barracks

  • To make recommendation, as necessary, to the Yorkshire Regiment Benevolence Case Committee, in order to provide relief either generally or individually, for members of the Association or past and present members of the Regiment, and their dependants, who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress.

  • To support recruiting by encouraging suitable young men to join the Regiment and by assisting the Regiment in its activities to promote awareness of the Regiment and its good name in its recruiting area.

  • To raise funds for the Yorkshire Regiment Charitable Trust


A Message From The Chairman

At the beginning of December last year, we started to build your new look regimental association.  We were successful in getting a grant from the Trustees of the Regimental Board, which for me was great result and confirmed just how serious the regiment is about looking after our service leavers, veterans and their families.

We then set about recruiting branch committee members for seven, new YRA branches in Yorkshire and the NE, and I would publicly like to record my thanks to the support of so many in 4 YORKS and in particular the RSM for their assistance in getting these branches up and running.

All members of the regimental family from cadets, serving soldiers, YORKS veterans, antecedent veterans and the families of our fallen have been informed by letter of our push to have a great, all-inclusive association.  We have also successfully invited one of the mothers of one of our fallen soldiers to represent the families of the fallen.

At the moment, twelve of our antecedent association branches have added the Yorkshire Regiment name to theirs and we are extremely grateful to them.  All the branch details are available on request.

I have attended the majority of the launch events for the new branches along with our Vice Chairman Major Charlie Helmn, supported by Wing Commander Alan Bartlett as Secretary of the YRA and Janet Gul and Kimberley Fisher in the AHQs.  Without the contribution of these hard working souls we would not have an association which has been quickly established and is growing!

I must mention the Branch meeting in Warminster that took place on 11 February in the Conservative Club.  We had at least 150 lads turn up, not all serving and many from the antecedent regiments; PWO, Green Howards and Dukes.  The CO, RSM, and many officers from 1 YORKS also turned up to support the launch.  I was taken aback by the level of attendance and if we can involve our serving solders in this way our branches up north will also benefit in the future.

What a great start and thank you each and every one of you for your support and enthusiasm.

The Chairman

Maj Pat Ralph MM


YRA Constitution & Rules

Download a copy here


2016 Key YRA Dates

5 March - AGM & Reunion

21 May - Regimental Races

18 June - Colours Parade

3 September - Op Reunion