1st Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment

By Lt Col J Kennedy

Commanding Officer – Lt Col J Kennedy

Battalion Second in Command – Maj E Fraser

Adjutant – Capt J Crowther

Operations Officer – Capt C Beaumont

Intelligence Officer – Capt O C J Sparks

Regimental Signals Officer – Capt T Flecchia

Regimental Sergeant Major – WO1 (RSM) D C Wyeth


I am delighted to have taken over a thriving Battalion; mature and professional in outlook, diligent and enthusiastic in our day to day role, and combative on the sports pitches.  Being in the committed year as we are, it will always be a challenge to bring focus and coherence to what is a disjointed year that can tend to lack a unifying goal.  We have been fortunate that each of our rifle companies, supported by soldiers from across the remainder of battalion have had their own discrete tasks to give them this focal point.  Both Alma and Burma companies have earned their spurs in the bleak, austere and cold environments of the Falklands Islands and as we go to press, Corunna Company are exercising as the enemy force in BATUS in Canada for the second half of the exercise season.


It has been an interesting and rewarding period during which 1 YORKS soldiers have had a really valuable opportunity to get back to the basics, hone their dismounted skills and gear up for Canada in summer 2017.  In the margins we have also maintained the ability to conduct drill with some swagger and panache at York for the 10th Anniversary Parade and the associated Freedom marches.  This was a real privilege to be involved in and I was hugely impressed at the way in which the regular battalions, our reserves, cadets associations and families were brought together for such a splendid occasion.  These events are never as simple as they appear to be on the day, and a huge debt of gratitude is owed to those behind the scenes who were toiling to deliver success.  Thank you all.


I feel it is also important to recognise the impact on us of reaching this milestone: a decade as The Yorkshire Regiment.  We now continue to forge ahead under our new livery and our antecedent histories are ever closer intertwined, most particularly since the bulk of our officers and men have never been anything other than proud Yorkshire Regiment soldiers.  We have a formidable ‘brand’ and must be encouraged to look to our antecedent past for inspiration going forwards: 330 years on the front line and 382 battle honours, very few others even come close to our pedigree, our reputation and our strength.  Long may it continue.


In amongst all of this there has somehow been time to achieve a huge amount of sporting success and so far we have taken home a trophy from almost every event we have attended.  I am pleased to say that this is not only in our ‘core’ sports of Rugby and Football, where we have won a cupboard full of silverware (details of which in their respective reports), but we also have some skiing stars who will be seeking to retain the Infantry Alpine Skiing title, a rising tennis player in Lt Miller, soldiers selected to represent the infantry at hockey and cricket, a GB international Taekwondo fighter in LCpl Hainsworth and last but not least the Army Angling Federation’s Clubman of the year in Private Shipston.