7th Annual Officers Past and Present Dinner

Worsley Barracks, York, YO10 4EB

This annual dinner is open to all present Officers Mess Members, former retired or serving Officers of 4 YORKS and those of our antecedent Battalions.

This year's invitations have gone out although we welcome all those officers who might not be on that database or who's contact details have changed. Those officers are requested to contact Regimental Headquarters to update their details, or contact 4 YORKS Bn 2IC (4YORKS-BHQ-2IC@mod.uk).

Attendance returns, confirmation of dietary requirements and payment (£36) must have been submitted and confirmed by Friday 29th September 2017. Serving members will have their mess bills updated accordingly.

Dress: Black tie with miniatures.

Keep the flame alive 

Maj P Hindmarch