The Regimental Handbook 2014

This is the second edition of the hugely useful Yorkshire Regiment Handbook as it continues to ensure that there is a level of understanding, uniformity, consistency and information spread across the Regimental family.  It helps to preserve the traditions and customs of the Yorkshire Regiment and thereby bind us closer together as a Regiment.

The Handbook follows the same format as the first edition.  It is amended to reflect a number of changes that have taken pace during our formative years, most notably in the Dress Section but also to reflect some of other changes that have been adopted Regimentally.

This handbook remains authoritative on Regimental customs and practice and does not need amending and should not need departing from either in spirit or in detail without my consent.  It is nevertheless appreciated that some evolution may be required and any such ideas should be brought before the Regimental Board for consideration.

Copies of this second Edition are being circulated widely amongst the serving Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior Non Commissioned Officers of the Regiment as well as the Association.  It is an important and welcome part of our Regimental structure and all memebers of the regimental family are encouraged to remind themselves of the contents.

The second edition of The Regimental Handbook was distributed to the regimental family in mid-June 2014.

Duke of York Medal

The Duke of York Medal for The Yorkshire Regiment (The York Medal) has been instituted by the Colonel in Chief with the purpose of providing formal recognition for members of the Regiment who make an outstanding contribution to the military effectiveness or military reputation of the Regiment.  The York Medal may be awarded to any soldier or officer of the Regiment, serving or retired, or a dependant.  If there is no deserving case in a given year, the Medal will not be awarded.  Bars may be awarded to the Medal but count as a medal in the annual limit.  The Medal may not be awarded retrospectively to anyone who left the Regiment (i.e. the end of their Colour Service), before the date of its institution (6 June 2013).

One Medal will be awarded annually and the recipient will be chosen by a Regimental Awards Committee (Col Regt, Dep Col Regt and Hon Col Army Reserve with Regt Sec as Secretary).

Where possible, the Medal will be presented by the Colonel in Chief at an appropriate Regimental occasion.

For serving personnel, citations for the award of the Duke of York Medal may be submitted by serving Regimental officers of the rank of substantive captain and above.  They are to be submitted in strict confidence to the Adjutant by 28 February each year and are not to exceed half a side of A4 paper in single-spaced Arial 12pt font.  The Adjutant should then submit the approved Battalion citation(s) to Regimental Headquarters by 31 March.  Those serving at ‘E’ may be nominated directly to RHQ; for retired personnel, citations may be submitted through Regimental Headquarters in the same time frame.  Thereafter, the Regimental Awards Committee will decide on the award of the Medal so that it can be inscribed and prepared for presentation.

The Duke of York Medal is struck from sterling silver and is appropriately hallmarked.  The sealed die for the Medal and the ribbon is held by Regimental Headquarters.  The Medal is produced under the sole authority of the Regimental Secretary.  Under direction from the Army Dress Committee, the Medal may not be worn at any time, on any uniform.

2014 Regimental Handbook

Regimental Handbook Part 1

Part 1 covers Governance, Regimental Conventions, Practises and Heritage.

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2014 Regimental Handbook

Regimental Handbook Part 2

Part 2 covers History, Anniversaries, Battle Honours and Campaigns

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