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Is there something you would like to see featured in the YRJ?  Do you have a piece of interesting regimental history that you think others would like to read, or do you know of someone who served in one of the antecedents who has an interesting story to tell.

Please contact RHQ if you have an idea for an article that might be suitable either for the Journal or to help with one of the exhibitions planned for the ‘new’ York Army Museum (YAM).  RHQ would be especially interested in hearing from members of the PWO who served in Aden and on Op BANNER in Northern Ireland.

The Yorkshire Regiment Journal (YRJ)

The Yorkshire Regiment Journal is a 6-monthly publication produced by RHQ in Spring and Autumn.  The latest dates for submission of contributions are normally 1 March and 1 September respectively.  The success of the Journal is to a large extent dependent upon the contributions submitted by members and friends of the Regiment.  The Journal aims to record the activities and achievements of the units and personalities of the Regiment.  It keeps serving personnel of today in touch with each other and personnel of yesteryear in touch with the Regiment of today.  The journal is not only a means of communication within the Regiment but also a source of historical research material.


Maj Gen GJ Binns introduces the Spring 2016 Edition of The Yorkshire Regiment Journal

Our 10th Anniversary marks the end of my tenure as Colonel.  I shall try to avoid being too reflective.  Having been a Deputy Colonel since our formation, I became Colonel in 2011.  Early in my tenure, the reduction from three to two regular battalions forced us to confront difficult issues of integration that were ‘parked’ in 2006.  In 2012, I set out my vision post implementation and it bears repeating here:


- A fully-manned Regiment, renowned for its operational excellence, respected for the quality of its officers and men, regarded for its ethos, its sporting prowess and its meritocracy.

- A Regiment that takes pride in its County identity that looks positively to the future, ready for the operational challenges ahead whilst treasuring a unique heritage, a blend of its antecedent Regiments.

- Each battalion will share in our heritage.  Our link to Yorkshire will be strengthened and sustained by a thriving Reserve Battalion, links to movers and shakers across the County (and beyond) and our Association.  The Association will bind members of antecedent Regiments together into a single family;


- We will be the Infantry Regiment of first choice for the Yorkshire recruit, and will attract officers of quality from both within and outside the County.  We will identify and nurture across the Regiment and The King’s Division to ensure that The Yorkshire Regiment is represented in the Army’s higher command.

Others are free to judge progress.  The failures are mine.  The successes are down to the soldiers of the Regiment supported by their families.  I am enormously grateful to them.  It has been a real honour and a deep privilege to be your Colonel.


I suspect that my successor will be required to deal with further change early in his tenure as the Army seeks to refine its structure in light of the recent Defence Review.  Most of the Regiment embraced change in 2012 and we must be prepared to do it again.  Resistance to change can be distracting, destructive and counterproductive.  I am glad that we focused on the important and not the inconsequential.  Elsewhere you will read of Pat Ralph’s progress in re-energising the Regimental Association.  We will establish a branch structure that will provide a framework of support in order that our people, veterans and serving, can associate and maintain the bond of comradeship that is the very essence of a Regiment and being a soldier.  I am delighted by the progress.  Our heritage in the form of our collection is now secure.  The York Army Museum is just perfect.  Thanks to the dedication of the Trustees, staff and volunteers.


Throughout my tenure I have been supported by an RHQ that is the envy of many, a challenging and engaged group of Trustees, a dedicated Regimental Board and an Executive Committee who did all of the ‘heavy lifting’.  Thank you all.