The primary audience for the YRJ is all ranks, serving and retired, of the Yorkshire Regiment and its antecedent regiments.  The publication will always be written with them in mind and relies heavily on contributions form serving battalions, antecedent associations and the cadet our affiliated units.  The secondary audience is those interested in the Regiment and the wider Army and other organisations and charities that provide essential and welcome support to the Regiment.

The 6-monthly YRJ is distributed in a personal form and is free to all serving Yorkshire Regiment NCO’s and above.  It is also distributed in larger numbers to our battalions and those other serving in other organisations. 

Individual copies are also distributed to personal subscribers through a system of direct debit.  For anyone wishing to receive a copy of the YRJ, the subscription form can be found here.

The Yorkshire Regiment Journal - Autumn 2014

The Autumn 2014 Edition was predominantly about commemorating the outbreak of WW1, some of the older members of the Regiment and the charities that support them.


Col Comdt of the King's Division inspects No 3 Guard on Formation Day in Cyprus

1YORKS preparing for BATUS


Wg Cdr Alan Bartlett writes:

By the time you receive the Autumn 2014 edition of the YRJ, I will have been in post nearly 10 months.  Having already produced one edition of the regimental journal, I keep telling myself that this one and all future editions can only get better!  Trying to establish some sort of separation between the need for factual articles for the regimental archive and selecting those that are attractive and interesting to the wider readership, is an interesting editorial task, or should that be an opportunity?  Fortuitously, selection for our Autumn 2014 edition has been made easier for me and it was just by chance that over the summer we received several pieces of information on a number of the more senior (in years) members of the regimental family.  This has led us nicely to a focus on our veterans, the events they have attended and the organisations that support them.  These are complemented by several articles on charitable and other initiatives that provide benefit to those still serving, as well as to those who have retired.

To list every event and all those who participated over the summer period would take up too much valuable space here; however the events have been ably covered by our reliable contributors in their excellent, informative articles.  Sitting in the RHQ ivory tower, enjoying everything York has to offer, it is easy to forget that those who are volunteered, encouraged or pressed to write and submit articles and images, also have real and demanding day jobs.  Given the immediacy of operational commitments and major deployments, can I just say how grateful we are in RHQ for all the effort expended to not only support the 6-monthly newsletter and the journal, but also the support provided to enable the launch of the new Yorkshire Regiment Association web-site at, which went live in July.  Regrettably it took more time than a retired, IT semi-literate Royal Air Force officer thought it would, but it’s out there now in the www-cloud and already we are receiving some interesting and useful feedback both from the regiment and also from members of the public.  Hopefully, future web-site development and improvement is easier than construction!