The primary audience for the YRJ is all ranks, serving and retired, of the Yorkshire Regiment and its antecedent regiments.  The publication will always be written with them in mind and relies heavily on contributions form serving battalions, antecedent associations and the cadet our affiliated units.  The secondary audience is those interested in the Regiment and the wider Army and other organisations and charities that provide essential and welcome support to the Regiment.

The 6-monthly YRJ is distributed in a personal form and is free to all serving Yorkshire Regiment NCO’s and above.  It is also distributed in larger numbers to our battalions and those other serving in other organisations. 

Individual copies are also distributed to personal subscribers through a system of direct debit.  For anyone wishing to receive a copy of the YRJ, the subscription form can be found here.

The Yorkshire Regiment Journal - Spring 2014

The Spring 2014 theme was predominantly about training.

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Cleveland CCF Football Champs!

2 YORKS Boxing Jan 2014

Merchant Adventurers Tankard Awards Feb 2014



Spring 14 - Editorial

Wg Cdr Alan Bartlett writes:

Might I say what a privilege and pleasure it is to have been so warmly welcomed into the Regiment and what a busy and eye opening first six months it has been!  Over the last few weeks I have worked on this my inaugural edition of The Yorkshire Regiment Journal with a certain degree of trepidation, not just because of the size of the task, but also in the knowledge that the Journal serves as an important record of the Regiment’s recent activities and achievements. 

In looking at the format and content of the Journal, it is important to see it as a continuation of those that preceded it, for instance; the PWO’s ‘The White Rose’, East Yorks ‘The Snapper’ and West Yorks ‘Ca Ira’.  The compilation of this Journal as the regimental record has a particular relevance to me in my [other] new role as Curator of the Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire Museum and the excellent archive research we have been doing, particularly in relation to the First World War.  Our 30 plus museum volunteers routinely transcribe the journals and articles from that whole period in order that we can look back into our past and are able to recount much of the important story of our antecedent regiments, the people and the historical events they participated in with a significant degree of certainty and confidence.  The importance of maintaining a quality Regimental Journal is not therefore lost on me. 

Changes to battalion nomenclature and the removal of one of our battalions from the order of battle, has begun to settle down.  This has left the Regt Sec and your Editor with an interesting conundrum of how to populate the journal and continue to make it a relevant and useful record whilst at the same time making it an interesting and stimulating read.  I certainly see the potential to make more opportunity and space available to our antecedent associations, to our fundraising activities, the YAM project and to include stories about individual achievements.  The journal might also benefit from the inclusion of thought provoking articles relating to operational training and lessons learned, as well as a regular historical reference.

I hope that you will find and enjoy a broad range of interesting articles in this edition, which for Spring 2014 has been compiled under the a broad theme of training and all three battalions have provided us with an excusive insight into just how much training is taking place at every level.  Given that this is such a busy time for us all and especially for those serving in the battalions; I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided contribution, input and imagery for this edition.  I now invite all members of the regimental family to consider submitting their own stories and reports and to also think about the types of articles they might wish to see in future editions.