Editorial Spring 2015

by Wg Cdr Alan Bartlett

There is no doubt that the York Army Museum (YAM) project has dominated my time since arriving at RHQ and over the past six months, my attention has been divided between my responsibilities as PWO Curator; Yorkshire Regiment Curator, YAM Co-Curator, a member of the YAM Project Board and as a PWO Museum and now YAM Trustee!

The joint delivery of the YAM project in collaboration with The Royal Dragoon Guards has certainly had its moments and your home team have endeavoured to ensure that the best artefacts, paintings, documents and images from your collection have made it into the final displayed collection.  It’s interesting to note that the YAM includes the embryonic collection of The Yorkshire Regiment, something that the previous museum only included as a side exhibition. This journal is but one part of the regimental record: its stories, names, places and images are methodically stored in your archives for future use, alongside those of the early 1900s!  So next time you are training or operating somewhere interesting, or working with other nations or organisations, and potentially in an unfamiliar place, just remember that your museum collects ‘stuff’. 


The Yorkshire Regiment Journal - Spring 2015

The Spring 2015 theme was predominantly about museum and heritage.  Please click here to download a copy.