Your County Regiment

Yorkshire's Warriors

On 6 June 2016, The Yorkshire Regiment celebrated its tenth anniversary and is the only true County regiment remaining in the British Army.  One of the premier infantry regiments in the British Army, we have established a reputation for operational and sporting excellence that Yorkshire can be proud of and a unique identity as Yorkshire’s own Warriors.  Building on 330 years of history our soldiers have been deployed on every recent operation and training mission across the globe and we are now focussed on making sure that we are the best recruited, best trained and best prepared infantry regiment we can possibly be.  We could not have achieved this without the support of the communities we represent and the towns that we recruit from.  Our presence in Yorkshire is vitally important to our soldiers and we enjoy strong relationships with local councils and communities, sporting clubs, cadet and youth organizations, charities and our veteran’s associations.  Regular or Reserve soldiers, Cadets or veterans: all are part of the YORKS regimental family that spans the whole county. 

Be a Yorkshire Warrior