The Yorkshire Regiment Association

Chairman - Major Pat Ralph MM 

The Yorkshire Regiment celebrated its tenth anniversary on 6 June 2016 and the Regimental Board directed an initiative to ‘Take the YRA Forward’ into the next decade. 

We estimate that there are around 4000 men who have served in the Regiment since its formation in 2006 and despite YRA membership being open to everyone, including our antecedent regiments, the list of active YRA members held by RHQ is much smaller.  What we do know is that we also have a potential membership pool within our antecedent associations and their Branches, as well as a list of over 1000 veteran members.  There is also a significant number of men currently serving who are potential YRA members.


Your Regiment is taking big steps to create an association that can provide a common, shared identity to all those who have proudly served.  We have also had appositive response from our antecedent associations and branches to add our name to theirs to give us an even wider geographical spread and capitalise on the organisations and events that already exist. 

What was also missing was somewhere where our ‘Yorkshire Warrior’ veterans can meet or make contact when they need friendship, help or support from the regimental family.  So in the towns across the region where we have active Army Reserve Centres, we have established new, local branches as well as two ‘battalion branches’ for the serving community. 

As well as building up the YRA community, we also hold three or four major YRA events each year and capitalise on planned YORKS Freedom Parades and Armed Forces Days to hold ‘pop-up’ social events across the region.  By using the power of the internet and social media, we hope to create an active YRA that will provide opportunities to stay in contact with the Regiment, meet with friends and colleagues and enjoy the hospitality and comradeship that the YRA can provide in future years. 


As Chairman of the YRA, I encourage all of you to ‘reconnect’ with your Regiment.  By registering as an active YRA member, you will receive the e-mails and newsletters that will help us all stay in touch as a regimental family.