The Duke of Wellington's Regiment

(33rd and 76th Foot)


During the First World War the Regiment raised twenty-four battalions, fourteen of which were engaged on active service on the Western Front, in Italy and at Gallipoli.  The Regiment lost over 8,000 men.  Five members of the Regiment were awarded the Victoria Cross and the Regiment was also awarded sixty-three Battle Honours.  In 1919, the 1st Battalion took part in the third Afghan War returning home for service in Ireland in 1921.  In 1922, it returned to Germany for service with the Army of Occupation until it was posted to Malta in 1935, eventually returning to the UK in 1937.  The 2nd Battalion was posted to Ireland in 1919 before it deployed to Egypt in 1922, Singapore in 1926 and India in 1928.  In 1921, the Regiments title was altered to the Duke of Wellington's Regiment (West Riding).  In the Second World War battalions of the regiment took part in the campaigns of Dunkirk, North West Europe, North Africa, Italy and Burma.  The 1st Battalion was posted to Korea with the United Nations Forces in 1952, where it was awarded two Battle Honours.  Service since then has seen the regiment in Hong Kong, Kenya, Germany, Gibraltar, Cyprus, Belize, Northern Ireland, the Falkland Islands, Bosnia and Kosovo.  More recently, it has served in Iraq for which the regiment received a Theatre Honour.  In November 2005 the French town of Erquinghem Lys presented the Regiment with the keys to the Town.  We are the first British Regiment to have been award the Freedom of any French Town.