The Green Howards


The Regiment first became associated with, and affiliated to, the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1782 when it was granted the title of the 19th (or First Yorkshire North Riding Regiment) of Foot.

The close association with the home town of Richmond began in 1873 when the Regimental Depot was built.  During the First World War (1914-1918) twenty-four battalions were raised.  Over 65,000 men served in the regiment of which more than 7,500 lost their lives and another 24,000 received wounds.  Twelve officers and other ranks were awarded Victoria Crosses and the Regiment was awarded fifty-six Battle Honours.

In the Second World War twelve battalions were raised.  The Regiment had units in all the principle theatres of action and awards given to members of the regiment include: 3 VC's, 19 DSOs, 50 MCs 16 DCMs and 19 MMs.  The Regiment was awarded twenty-four battle honours.  Since 1945 the Regiment has served in Austria, West Germany, Egypt (Suez), Cyprus, Hong Kong, Libya, Malaya, Belize, Berlin and the UK.  A small contingent deployed to Saudi Arabia, during the Gulf War of 1991, as Medical Assistants.  More recently the Regiment served in Bosnia (1996), Kosovo (1999), Northern Ireland (2002-2003), Afghanistan (2004) and again Bosnia and Kosovo (2006).