Colonel of the Regiment

Brigadier ZR Stenning OBE

Colonel of the Regiment

The Colonel of the Regiment is Brigadier Zac Stenning OBE.

The Colonel of the Regiment is appointed from serving or retired officers of the rank of Colonel or above.  If he is a retired officer he should be permanently resident in the United Kingdom.  Selection of the Colonel of the Regiment is based on the wishes of the Colonel in Chief and senior officers of the Regiment, serving and retired, and subject to the willingness of the nominee to accept the appointment.  The Colonel’s tenure of appointment is initially for five years.  He may serve a maximum of two terms in office and not beyond the age of 65.

The Colonel of the Regiment is the head of the Regimental family and it is his duty to enhance the welfare and good name of the Regiment.  He will endeavour to safeguard the long-term health of the Regiment by promoting Regimental spirit, maintaining Regimental traditions and representing Regimental interests at the highest level.

He is ex-officio Chairman of the Yorkshire Regiment Board and the Regimental Trustees and President of the Regimental Association.

Approaches may be made to the Colonel of the Regiment by any serving member of the Regiment through their Commanding Officer or by retired members through Regimental Headquarters.  The correct form of address for the Colonel of the Regiment, within the Regiment and irrespective of his rank in the Army, is ‘Colonel’.



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