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The Band of The Yorkshire Regiment

Honours and awards have been the main theme for the Band recently. The New Year’s Honours List brought well deserved recognition in the form of an MBE to Captain Gary Clegg, the Director of Music, for services to military music and the Regiment. Musician Chloe Barker was presented with the Commanding Officer’s Commendation for her achievements, not least selection as the vocalist with the British Army Jazz Orchestra. Lance Corporals Birch and Hawksford were proud to receive their Volunteer Reserve Service Medals marking their 10th year of service in the Band.

The Band was able to host a visit by CO 4 YORKS Lt Col Blackhurst in September and gave a demonstration of most aspects of the Band’s range of performances. The Fanfare Team announced his arrival followed by two pieces by ‘Lyft Music’, piano, sax and drums trio and a jazz/blues solo by vocalist Musician Chloe Barker. The full band pieces aimed to show range with a Coldplay selection and powerful movie music from Star Wars.    

The Band continued its training days through September to November resulting in some interesting use of the available space to ensure safe distancing. Musicians peered around gym equipment, took to store rooms and rehearsed along corridors to maintain performance levels ready for the resumption of engagements. In the ensuing lockdown training moved on-line and some members of the Band took the opportunity to take on new roles. Musician Farthing was successful in being selected for a national recruiting sprint team as part of a 6 person Regular and Reserve team. Sergeant Keith Marsden took up the position of Drum Major following completion of a 10 day training course in Catterick.  Where other training was possible Musician Bee Nee Lim threw herself into the challenge and took part in Exercise Yorkshire Charge, a multi activity weekend event where she was able to try land yachting, mountain biking and refresh her archery skills.

Opportunity for live performance being restricted by the pandemic, the Band, together with Padre Ben Norton adapted and performed a digital service of remembrance on Remembrance Sunday. The service comprised reflective music, recorded performances and poignant images, reaching over 4000 people on the Band’s social media page alone.  Musicians Browne and Firth performed the Last Post and Reveille which sadly Musician Browne performed again at the funeral of Captain Sir Tom Moore.  On 6 June 2021, teh band perfomed at the Royal British Legion event at the National Memorial Arboretum for the opeining of the British Normandy Memorial.


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