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Yorkshire’s Reserve Infantry.  Frequently deployed, our Yorkshire and Teesside-based Reserves participate in, support and lead, some of the most challenging and demanding activities the Army Reserve undertakes.  From delivering on operations, to training with key Allies and contributing to UK Resilience with commitment and compassion.  

Latest News From 4 YORKS

Life in the 4th Battalion continues at pace with the traditional Army Reserve activity now complimented with increasing opportunities to support the Regular Army and Defence more widely. The regular drumbeat of field training has helped us to sharpen our core infantry skills with multiple exercises in Feldom and Whinney Hill. The annual Patrols Competition yet again provided plenty of inter-company rivalry, particularly amongst our junior commanders! A challenging mix of stands including Arty Target, CBRN and CPERS concluded with a March and Shoot and resulted in a controversial tie between Alma and Corunna Coys. I must pass on my congratulations to all those involved.

Field training remains at the core of what we do but we have yet again found ourselves immersed in multiple community engagement activities across the Home Base. The Battalion was heavily involved in the Armed Forces Day in Scarborough, providing the enabling element as well as the Band who were, as always, outstanding and individuals at events across the weekend. Another significant effort was applied to the military village of the Great Yorkshire Show. We were proud to host and cohere this prestigious event and I am again truly grateful for the enormous effort from across the Battalion and the support from the wider Regimental family.



Recent efforts have focused on the deployment of a composite Army Reserve infantry company to Oman.  Kohima Company has been force generated and prepared by 4 YORKS and comprises of 4 different cap badges and will support the 4th Inf Bde Ex DESERT KHANJAR. The 4 YORKS contribution will see  30 soldiers and officers deploy alongside 4 LANCS, 6 SCOTS and the QOY, initially attached to the 2 SCOTS battlegroup. They will first conduct some challenging field training before ‘swapping sides’ and becoming the Opposing Force for the decisive collective training event. This type of persistent engagement abroad is sure to form the bedrock of future Army Reserve activities, providing opportunities for our Reservists to serve abroad alongside 1 YORKS, our paired regular unit and the wider Army.


To help cohere this effort we have now come under the command of 19 Light Brigade, based in York. The reformed Brigade consists of 10 Infantry and Royal Armoured Corps Reserve Units from across the UK and will focus the 1st Division’s Army Reserve activity through a single 1* Headquarters.

4 YORKS continues to increase its effectiveness and utility. It is true that we are facing a challenging recruiting environment, but we remain determined to seize opportunities where can and continue to demonstrate our employability and use.

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