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YORKSNet has been developed to provide the regimental family, our ‘Followers’ and ‘Friends of the Regiment’ with a single source of the latest information and news, all in one place! From the very latest battalion updates, where to find help and what’s going on, to the latest news items, and links to our latest social media posts.

On 12 December we commemorated Helmand Day – look what we found in the archives!

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The Yorkshire Regiment is the only true County regiment remaining in the British Army.  With over 330 years of history and achievements behind us, we are the infantry regiment of choice for young men looking to join the Army.  Our two Regular battalions; one light-mechanised infantry, one experimental, are complemented by a Reserve battalion based in our home towns across Yorkshire and Teesside.  Together, the Yorkshire Infantry are highly regarded for their operational excellence and sporting achievements.  The bond we have with our home County, our history and our families is what makes us and who we are – ‘Fortune Favours the Brave’

1st Battalion

Agile, capable Light-Mechanised Infantry

2nd Battalion

The Army's Next Generation Combat Team

4th Battalion

Light-Infantry Reserve with locations across yorkshire and teesside

Regimental Band

Providing musical support to the Regiment and the British Army, both at home and abroad.

What we


Under the British Army’s ‘Future Soldier’ programme 1 YORKS will re-role from Armoured to Light-Mechanised Infantry and re-subordinate to 7th Light Mechanised Brigade Combat Team.  It will remain in Catterick but as one of three Light Mechanised Infantry battalions which will rotate through Cyprus.  4 YORKS will be paired with 1YORKS, remain in York and re-subordinate to the newly formed 19th Brigade.

After their summer return to Chester, 2 YORKS will form the nucleus of the new Experimentation and Trials Group alongside existing specialist trials and development units.  It will subsequently move to its permanent home in Warminster in 2024.

Together: ‘The most lethal infantry regiment in the British Army’